Commercial Demo - Moe Rock
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Moe Rock's Bio:

     Most little girls like to play house...  When Moe Rock was little, she liked to play “commercials” and act them out.  Now with over 20 years of experience in Voice Over, Moe has the expertise and versatility to bring your script to rockin’ life. High energy and fun, understated indifference, warm and welcoming, or velvety smooth with a bit of sex appeal are just a few of the sounds she can rock – naturally and believably.  Moe can also do character voices and a variety of dialects including British, cockney and American southern.

     Moe has trained with some of the best in the biz, has a B.A. in Theater, with an acting concentration, and a broadcast quality home studio where she puts the customer first - daily.  So whether you want to listen in and direct the session, or give her some direction and let her take the lead and let Moe Rock it out…you are guaranteed to have both a working experience and a finished product that totally rocks!

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